Each year, Citizens Advice Stockport helps thousands of people with issues they are facing.  However, we acknowledge that every so often we get things wrong and someone goes away feeling unhappy.

Perhaps you felt you had to wait too long for an appointment,  you were treated unfairly or quite simply we provided you with there wrong information or advice.

Unfortunately, things do sometimes happen which is why we have a complaints procedure in place to ensure clients can air their concerns.  From this, we can make changes so that others don’t feel the same way but sometimes, we can only apologise and explain our selves.  But we do learn from our mistakes and what you tell us helps us improve our service.

All information you share with us is treated seriously and confidential.

What can you do?

The policy of Citizens Advice Stockport comprises of five stages:

  1. Informal Stage
  2. Local Citizens Advice stage
  3. National Citizens Advice stage
  4. Independent Adjudicator stage
  5. Financial Ombudsman Service stage

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