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Advice Column: National Minimum Wage

I am over 25 and entitled to the National Living Wage, but I suspect I am being underpaid. How can I find out if I’m being paid the right amount, and claim what I am owed from my employer?   (more…)

Advice Column: Auto-enrolment

I’ve just started a new job and am being offered auto-enrolment for the first time. Do I have to join the scheme? I’m worried about meeting my living costs if I do. Even if retirement is a long way off, or you’ve got immediate costs you need to cover it’s still worth starting a pension. … read more

Monarch Airlines

Statement: Monarch Airlines has ceased trading

What should I do about my job or flight? Monarch Airlines employ around 2,100 people and about 110,000 Monarch customers are currently overseas.  Government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to charter more than 30 planes to bring customers back to the UK. Citizens Advice Stockport is offering some practical advice and information to … read more

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