Get support with digital from CAS

The world is changing and the need to get online in everyday life is becoming ever more required.

As part of their service development plan, Citizens Advice Stockport has launched their digital support service operating on Monday’s and Thursday’s – 10 am till 1 pm from Fred Perry House, Stockport.

This service will be able to support people who either have not got access to the internet, are not confident using the internet or have a specific task they want support with.

Universal Credit full service rolls out across Stockport on 21st November 2018.  Access to the internet along with the skills to manage the Universal Credit online account will be essential when dealing with Universal Credit applications and issues.

This service can support people to:

  • get online.
  • access online advice & information and submit electronic forms.
  • discuss your issue and provide basic information on next steps.

Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Stockport said:

“More and more services are moving online but there is still a large proportion of the population in Stockport that cannot get online or have the skills and confidence to use online services.

“This service aims to support residents get online and provide support using online services; that could be just finding some information online to completing an application for Universal Credit.

“Universal Credit full service is rolling out across Stockport on 21st November.  This will have a significant impact on our service, and the development of this support will help deal with some of the additional demand we are expecting because of the rollout of Universal Credit

“As part of our development plan and working inline with Stockport Council’s digital development work #DigiKnow we will be rolling this service out across various locations in Stockport, and more information on that will follow”.

More information on where to access this service can be found on our website –