Newly dedicated drop-in opens to support residents with Universal Credit issues

Citizens Advice Stockport is launching a dedicated Universal Credit drop-in service in response to the rollout of UC full service on 21st November.

The new Universal Credit service, starting on 22nd November, will operate from the charities main office, Fred Perry House, on Thursdays, replacing the normal drop-in service.  This change will be reviewed in February where it is anticipated the normal service will resume.

Residents will still be able to access advice and information on non-universal credit issues Monday to Wednesday and Fridays, face-to-face at Fred Perry House and Monday to Friday, via the telephone.

Universal Credit rolls out across Stockport on 21st November 2018 and this new service will provide a dedicated support route for people with Universal Credit questions or issues.

Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Stockport said:

“We know Universal Credit is going to have a big impact on the residents of Stockport and we want to ensure people have the opportunity to speak to someone either via the phone or face-to-face.

“Preparation for rollout has been ongoing and working with Stockport Job Centre and Stockport Council, we have been working together to ensure both residents and voluntary organisations across Stockport are as prepared as possible – this is just one of many changes and developments in services to ensure appropriate support is available for residents.

“We would encourage anyone who has a question to visit our website for answers on Universal Credit.”

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Stockport Job Centre and Citizens Advice Stockport have been working together to ensure communities across the borough are prepared and supported through the rollout of Universal Credit.

Citizens Advice Stockport has a dedicated webpage to support with Universal Credit issues and advice –


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  • Universal Credit full service is being rolled out across the Borough of Stockport on 21st November 2018.
  • Citizens Advice Stockport will be delivering Universal Support from April 2019 inline with the DWP announcement.
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