Response to The Poverty Premium in Greater Manchester by GMPA

Citizens Advice Stockport welcomes the report produced by Greater Manchester Poverty Action; The Poverty Premium in Greater Manchester, but say that it isn’t a surprise.

Steve Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Advice Stockport said:

“We welcome the report into the impact the poverty premium in Greater Manchester but are not surprised by the findings.

“It is outrageous that someone on a low income could pay over £1,000 more than the average person on a “decent” income when by definition, people on low incomes can’t afford the extra cost.

“Citizens Advice has been very vocal about the costs of rent-to-own companies and the report by GMPA shows that household goods like washing machines and cookers can end up costing £200 more than if bought outright.

“We will continue to work with our partners in Stockport and across Greater Manchester to help solve this deep issue within our society.”


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  • The Poverty Premium in Greater Manchester report was produced by Graham Whitham of Greater Manchester Poverty Action.
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